Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bit of Trivia

The last 3 posts "Punk Drunk Love", "Namaste Part 2", and "The True Channukah Miracle: Mind Reading" all happened on the same day within the span of 2 hours.

Life is so good with this girl.

The True Channukah Miracle: Mind Reading

Channukah is over but it did not pass without some K cuteness. During one of the nights of Channukah at my in-laws, K witnessed Moshe and Leandro open up their gifts and exclaim "Hey, it's just what I wanted!!! How did you know???"

Unfortunately, I can not capture the sarcasm or humor behind what they were saying. We all previously exchanged wish lists so the sarcasm behind "How did you know?" was well founded. Our observant little K did catch the laughter following their appreciative exclamations and if you haven't figure it by now, K is not one to be upstaged.

Abuela: Your turn Kesiah. This one is from Grampa and Abuela.
Kesiah carefully opens her gift and reveals a brand new baby doll.
Kesiah: (gasping with joy) I didn't even know I wanted one! How did you know?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Namaste Part 2

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may notice that K does and says some funny things when she is in a car. This entry is no exception...

Kesiah: Everyone do this yoga pose!
She starts in namaste pose, keeping her hands together she raises them above her head, and then spreads them apart and wide then rests them to her sides. She screams...
Kesiah: Interrupt! That's the volcano pose!

Well, obviously she meant erupt and we have mentioned this to her but she prefers to say interrupt. Side note, she also likes to say "pacified" versus "classified" when she is pretending she is EVE from WALL-E. It's just her way. So there, on with the post...

Dad: I know a pose.
Kesiah: Show me daddy!
Dad: It's called the peeping turtle pose.
I shrug my shoulders and lower my head then relax shoulders and extend my head.
Kesiah: That's not a peeing turtle.
Dad and Mom: (laughing) No. It's peeping.
Mom: Like peek-a-boo.
Kesiah: I know a pose. It's called peeing turtle volcano.
She then executes the volcano pose with shoulder shrugs.
Mom: (quietly to me) Next time call it the peek-a-boo turtle.

I can see the turtle part of her new pose but where was the peeing part? I wanted to ask but I thought it best to quit while I wasn't too far behind.

Punk Drunk Love

The other day K and I were sitting in the car, while Evin ran in a store to get some things. I will usually entertain K by pretending to be really sad that Evin is gone and K gladly comforts me. Usually it goes something like this...

Dad: Oh no. Mommy is gone. Will she ever comeback? (big frown)
Kesiah: It's okay daddy.
Dad: I miss her so much I think I'm going to cry. (begin the sup sups)
Kesiah: Don't cry daddy. I'm here!
Dad: Ah, much better.

K LOVES this game but on this particular day, K was in a mood and just wanted to sit there...

Kesiah: Daddy, can you play some music?
Dad: Sure baby. (radio on and manual scan started)
I got to Album 88 and Youth Brigade's "Sink with California" was already playing.
Kesiah: Thumbs up!
Dad: (singing along) Sink with California when it falls in to the sea!
Dad: Ya know, I listened to this stuff when I was a kid. It's called punk rock.
Kesiah: I love Punch rock!
Youth Brigade was followed by 7 Seconds' "Walk Together Rock Together".
Kesiah: Thumbs up!
Kesiah: Can you make it louder?

I guess I have to add 7 Seconds to her list of favs. My kid is cool!

If you are unfamiliar and curious about what she thumbed up, here it is:

Sink with California:

Walk Together Rock Together:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sashimi Grade Pumpkin

Today K brought home some artwork from school. Apparently they were reading "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater". So the kids made construction paper pumpkins. Now these are special pumpkin eater pumpkins that are equipped with a manually operated flap that reveals what they love soooo much that they store it in the pumpkin for safe keeping. Please note that it is just a symbolic representation.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Apple Falls Not Far at All

I am told quite often that K is a sweet kid, not that I need a reminder. I hear it so much that it seems like I have canned responses:

"That's all her mom!" or "I blame that on her mom!" or "That's her mom in her!"

I'll tell you this. They are not canned responses. I truly mean it. The following are examples of the notes Evin leaves Kesiah in her lunch. Please excuse the quality. I had to be all spy and ninja like to get them without Evin noticing. Why did I sneak shots of paper? It's more fun that way! Anyway, I think you can see where K gets her sweetness.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Heart Belongs to Mommy (Still)

Bedtime at the Family G household is usually one parent reading bedtime stories to K. Sometimes K gets the pleasure of both of us, either by request or just because. Tonight was a "just because" night. K did choose mommy to read her stories but I snuggled in next to her to listen to the stories too. I was met with the most satisfying smile as I got cozy. The conclusion of the story is normally followed by some snuggling time. At the conclusion of tonight's story...

Kesiah: Daddy I want you to...
Kesiah: Mommy, how do you politely say...
Kesiah: (inaudible whisper)
Mom: (inaudible whisper)
Kesiah: I want to cuddle only with mommy. Could you please leave?
Dad: Sure. Thanks for asking my nicely. Kiss me first.
Kesiah: Muah.
I attempt to get up.

I guess I have been getting use to having almost equal status with mommy and I have been feeling extra special with all the attention I've been getting due to my darn ankle. At least, I didn't have to say "Now is that the way to talk to me?"

I find it sweet that she cares enough for my feelings that she asked how to say politely "I don't want you, go!" and to remind me that I have a cane.

Daddy's Little Helper

Well, I did it again. This time it was me on the losing end of a match against a trampoline. K has a great sense of empathy and loves to pretend to help the sick and injured. Now that her daddy is hurt, she is willing and happy to jump to action...

Dad: Kesiah, could you get me a glass of water? It's just too hard for me to walk.
Kesiah: Sure.
She returns with a big empty glass.
Kesiah: I can't reach the sink.
Dad: That's okay sweetheart. You can use the bathroom sink.
Kesiah: Okay!
Dad: Thank you, baby.
This time she returns with the glass filled about an eighth of the way.
Dad: The glass wouldn't fit, huh?
Kesiah shakes her head but I gladly finish what she was able to give me.
Kesiah: Do you want more?
Dad: That would be great baby. Thank you!
This time she returns with a full glass.
Kesiah: Daddy, look! I used my cup to fill your glass.

She was so proud that she figured out to use her "after teeth brushing rinse" cup to fill my glass. This warmed my heart knowing that she was motivated by the desire to help her daddy. Later, we had lunch at Nana's. While Evin and Nana were preparing our meal, I plopped myself on the couch and Kesiah kept me company...

Kesiah: (holding about 8 toy animals) Daddy, want to play with me?
Dad: Of course, baby!
Kesiah: (isolating one of the animals) This one is the seeker. You be the seeker and the rest will hide.
Dad: Sweetheart, I can't really move around a lot.
Kesiah: (throwing the seeker in to my lap) That's fine. I won't hide far. Close your eyes.
She then proceeds to hide the rest of the animals within two feet of me.
Kesiah: Open your eyes. I made sure you can find them. Want a hint?

The rest of the day was spent injured on the couch with Kesiah using my lap or my arm as a pillow with random kisses on my cheek and touching my forehead checking for a temperature. I have the BEST KID EVER!


K's favorite activity is anything that has to do with a narrative. While I am pleased with her enthusiasm for stories, it can backfire once in a while. Not too long ago...

Kesiah: Daddy, could you tell me a story please?
Dad: Sure. Once...
Kesiah: Make it a long long one.
Dad: Okay, Once upon a time...
Kesiah: Make it about the kangaroos. The daddy kangaroo, mommy kangaroo, and baby kangaroo named K.
Dad: Okay, Once upon a time, there were three...
Kesiah: and K is sick.
Dad: May I tell the story?
Kesiah: Sure.
Dad: Once...
Kesiah: and K never gets better. Ever. She is sick forever and her mommy and daddy are happy because everyone is sick and never gets better.
Dad: Okay. (pausing and waiting for more)
Kesiah: and there's an angry monster that is MEAN and a fairy with a broken wand and can't ding everyone better.
Kesiah: and the fairy is sad because her wand is broken and she goes to the doctor and everyone is running away from the monster because he's scary and the princess yells "Off with her head"!
Kesiah: The princess wants to wear the same clothes to bed but she can't because they are dirty and her daddy gets all mixed up and says different things like "you're clothes got dirty when you saved all of China" and the princess says "No, daddy that was Mulan!"
Kesiah: Yes, tell it like that.
Dad: Do you want to tell the story?
Kesiah: No thank you. That's okay, you can do it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Gift is Off the HOOK!

Yet another old photo that was revived in my memory from a comment by my awesome brother-in-law, Moshe. This was taken by him at K's 4yo birthday party. She opens a gift, finds some pretty dresses, removes the dresses from the hanger, raises the hangers in genuine glee, and yells "I GOT HANGERS!!!"

A side note about her party... she originally wanted a monster themed party. After we coordinated with the folks at "Little Shop of Stories", she changed her mind and wanted to have a princess party. Well, being a little girl in love with the world she changed her mind again but finally came to her ultimate party theme. She wanted (and received) a Monster, Princess, Purple Party!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Does it have all the wifi's and the larger G.B.'s?

I know this is an old picture but here it clearly shows that K wants an iPhone.

The Fun One

Evin told me about this one. The night of Abuela's concert:

Mom: Gather your things so we can leave for the concert.
Kesiah: Okay.
Moments later, Evin checks on Kesiah only to find her playing with her toys.
Mom: Kesiah I said to gather your things.
Kesiah: Oh yeah. Okay.
She continues playing.
Mom: If you do not gather your things, you will stay here and I will go to the concert.
Kesiah: That's fine. I want to stay home with daddy.
Mom: Okay, then daddy will go to the concert and I will stay here.
Kesiah then jumps up gathers her shoes and jacket.

Who's the fun parent? Yeah, that's right!

Words of Wisdom

Almost a year ago, I used to practice with my Lindy G.F., F.G. Some of our practice sessions took place at my house since I had to watch K. K was thoroughly content to watch us dance and listen to the input we would give each other. Well, one time I was having a particularly rough day while telecommuting...

Dad: Oh c'mon! (yelling at the laptop)
Kesiah: Daddy, what's wrong? Are you sick?
Dad: No baby, I'm just frustrated at work.
Kesiah: Do what F.G. says?
Dad: What's that baby?
Kesiah: Just play.

It's a Really Big Stork!

After seeing Abuela perform with her orchestra this past weekend, K spotted a pregnant woman and excitedly approached her (A special thanks to Bela on this one. Although I was there I could not hear her over the laughter)....

Kesiah: (excitedly) Is there a baby in your tummy?
Momma-to-be: Yes.
Kesiah then lifts the new momma's shirt, gently strokes her tummy, then points to her belly button.
Kesiah: Is that the baby's finger pushing through your tummy?
Momma-to-be: (roar of laughter) Haha. No it's my belly button.
Kesiah: How did the baby get in there?

Our Little Word Painter

Here's another one from that past that I randomly remembered. I've heard from many people how impressed they are with K's vocabulary (that's all her mommy). What impresses me the most is K's ability to choose the exact word that conveys all of her ideas. For example, when she was almost 4yo...

When asked if she slept well and if she had nice dreams:

Kesiah: I sink in to my dreams.

Commenting on playing the piano:

Kesiah: Listen. (She then taps on a few keys) Drops of sound.

Among wanting to grow up to become a doctor, a mommy, and/or an illustrator, she also wants to be an author. I think she is on the right track. Just in case you are wondering, according to her, she is already a Scientist and a Lindy Hopper. So there is no need to set those as goals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bath Time Fun Time

Kesiah's current favorite bath time game is best described as "Hearing Impaired Octopus Gymnastics". Seriously. There is an octopus involved and it is hearing impaired. She made up this game and looks forward to playing it. I think that I'm going to have to film this one.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, you're kind of right...

A while ago, Noah had to go work for a week in DC. While he was gone, Kesiah asked after him and was curious where in the world he was.

Kesiah: Is Daddy coming home today?
Mommy: No, sweetheart, not today.
Kesiah: Where is he?
Mommy: In Washington, DC. Hey, you know who lives there. Who lives in Washington, DC?
Kesiah: Robots?

Well, hm. Yes?

Wrapped Tightly Around that Little Finger

The internationally renowned mommy of this happy family was off dancing, teaching, and earning a living in Zurich leaving me and K to find ways to entertain ourselves. On the night before Evin was returning...

Daddy: Guess who's back tomorrow?
Kesiah: (shrugs shoulders)
Daddy: Mommy!
Kesiah: oh
Daddy: Mommy will be home tomorrow. Aren't you excited?
Kesiah: Daddy, our time together has been sooooo special. I don't want it to end.

Yep, I am completely and utterly FUSED to that finger of hers.

Finding Potty

Just 1 min ago...

Kesiah: (on the potty) WaaaahWoooooAaaahWoooooahhhhhh!
Daddy: (thinking to himself) What the???
Kesiah: OooooooohAhhhhhhhWoooooahhhhh!
Kesiah: WaaaaahOooooAhhhhhWoooooahhhhh
Kesiah: Wooowaaaah.... Mommy! I can speak whale!

Apparently they watched "Finding Nemo" instead of taking a nap at school today.

Short Stories

Last night at bedtime...

Dad: Good night my love.
Kesiah: Could I have one more story?
Dad: Yes, but it will have to be short. It's late.
Kesiah: Can you make it up? No no no. Can I make one up?
Dad: Sure, I would love to hear it.
Kesiah: One day there was a daddy kangaroo, a mommy kangaroo, and a baby kangaroo named K.
Kesiah: They live happily ever after.
Kesiah: Was that short enough?

The Legend of the Guardians: The Pumpkins of Ga'Hoole

Hello again, it's been a while so let's start with a quick one...

For Halloween, Kesiah chose to be a pumpkin. Evin, being her rocking self, made an awesomely cute costume (pictures to come soon). K LOVED it and she looked adorable. Since mommy was off gallivanting in Zurich, I decided to take Kesiah to the movies Halloween morning as a special treat. We saw "The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole". It was a bit too "big kid" for her and she didn't like it. Yeah, I should have known.

Well, off for some early Trick or Treating to save the day...

Kesiah: CAW!!!! CAW!!!! (Let me remind you, she's dressed as a pumpkin)
Dad: Hey love, what are you doing?
Kesiah: I'm an Owl Guardian and I'm going to save the day and get candy!
Dad: (chucking) You know love, crows caw.
Kesiah: I KNOW! CAW!!! CAW!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Not until you're 30.

Kesiah has managed to make a lot of good friends at PreSchool, and often we all go to the park together after school. Among her closest friends are Maddy, Marie, Anna Rose, Jamie, Alexander and Sebastian. On this particular day, we were at the park with Alexander, Sebastian and their parents.

Overheard on the playground...
Sebastian is running to the swings. He is bigger and faster than K
Sebastian: Let's go to the swings! (takes off running)
Kesiah: Wait for me! Wait for meee!
Sebastian: Kesiah, why do you always say that?
Sebastian's mom: Maybe it's because she wants you to wait for her.
Sebastian: Or maybe it's because I'm her special friend.

Oh, no you didn't.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kesiah and the Hula Hoop

Need I say more?

The Hebrew Hammer

During Kesiah's first week of official pre-school, she has been coming home and describing the actions of this one boy that sounded very much like bullying. Pushing, yelling, taking toys, etc. My first reaction was complete rage. I wanted to tell her to just hit the kid back but I reminded myself of a past not-so-proud parenting moment that I will eventually blog about later.

Anyway, level-headed Evin took the more diplomatic approach that would instill confidence, as well as, mitigate the bullying action. Evin's approach empowered Kesiah with several options and, most importantly, the language to deal with the situation. Needless to say, my heart was breaking at the idea that my sweet little girl had to deal with such a stressful situation instead of being free to explore and learn.

One morning while I was apparently stressing about this, K paid me a visit before she left for school...

While I was shaving there was a knock on the door:

Kesiah: (knocking on the bathroom door) Daddy?
Dad: Come in sweetie.
Kesiah: We're leaving!
Dad: I love you baby. You know what to do when name-omitted pushes you, right?
Kesiah: Daddy, I'm brave and strong and I stand up for myself.

Now that warmed my heart but did little to calm the anger and worry. C'mon, this is MY little girl! When I came home from work I asked her about the bully...

Dad: Anything happen on the playground today with name-omitted?
Kesiah: I told him NEVER do that again!
Dad: Great! That's very brave of you. What did he do?
Kesiah: He pushed me.
Dad: Today? He pushed you on the playground today?
Kesiah: No, the other day.
Dad: I mean what did he do today?
Kesiah: Nothing. I just said that and he left me alone.
Dad: You said that TODAY but he didn't do anything?
Kesiah: Yes and now he leaved me alone.

Now that's my proactive girl!

I know only one way to deal with bullies.... you punch them HARD then tell the teacher. After speaking with many of you, I know most agree with me. However, after speaking with her teacher, I learned that this kid just turned 4 and has an issue with manners (ie. sharing, taking turns, standing in line etc.) This kid nudges others to cut in line, grabs toys without asking, and likes to yell. That's not a bully. That's just a 4 year old that needs to learn how to play well with others. If we followed my strategy, then K would have escalated unnecessarily and would have appeared a bully herself. I am HAPPY to say I AM WRONG! Thank you Evin!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just ran across some old notes on stuff I wanted to blog. These are some lyrics K used to sing when she was younger than 3...

Take Me Out to the Ball Game:
One, Two, Three, wrists you're out
At the old ball BRACE!

Do Re Mi:
Do, a deer, a female deer
Re, a glop of golden sun

Singin' in the Rain:
I'm singin' in the bath
just singin' in the bath

Now I know my ABC's
Next time wounch you
I know them FOREVER!

Yeah the "wounch" is my fault. When Evin sang "won't you", Kesiah corrected her.

Lemonade! Lemonade For Sale!

Earlier this summer, K really wanted to have a lemonade stand. So on a super hot day, we loaded up the wagon and headed over the heart of Oakhurst Village. Evin made two kinds of lemonade: Classic and Fancy Pants Lavender (yes, we used real lemons). With a selection like that and being K's first business venture, only a high traffic area would do.
After we set up, K began yelling her pitch to all passers by. She made up the pitch herself...


After a few thirsty cyclist stopped by, I thought I could leverage K's popularity and drum up some buyers from the local businesses. While making my rounds letting people know about K's stand, I thought it would be a neat idea to stop by the fire station...

Dad: Hello, anyone here?
Firefighter: (wiping sleep from his eyes) Um, yeah?
Dad: I'm soooo sorry to bother you but my daughter loves you guys and has a lemonade stand across the street. She would love it if you could stop by.
Firefighter: We'll see what we could do.
Dad: Thanks! Please don't feel obligated. I'm sure you have more important stuff to do.

Man, I felt bad for waking him and I started thinking "Why did I bother the fire department!" Anyway, the stand was doing well and little K was selling her heart out. About 20 minutes after my FD visit, the garage doors opened and the engine started rolling out.

Kesiah: Daddy! Look!
Dad: Wow! They are probably going to fight a fire!

Well, the engine pulled out and parked right next to K's stand! Kesiah started yelling her pitch! Not only did they buy lemonade, they let her climb in to the truck! Needless to say, K loved it (ok, me too!).

Eso. Si. Que es?

S-o-c-k-s! What? Never mind, bad joke. Back to the post....

With a little creativity, self sacrifice, and knowing when opportunities present themselves, learning a new language can be fun!

K was sitting in the living room chair with her cute little feet dangling over the edge. I crouched down and slowly crept up to K. When I got close and peeked up to look at her, I notice her feet were right by my face. Instead of the usual joke of pretending to pass out from stinky feet (she thinks this is hilarious), I, for what ever reason I don't know, placed two of her toes in my nose.

Dad: Dos toes in my nose.
Kesiah: hee hee
Dad: What does dos mean?
Kesiah: two

See it worked!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

I can hardly wrap my mind around it, but Kesiah starts school tomorrow. This is crazy. Granted, it's only Pre-K, but this is a big step. Her first continuous experience of being away from home every day. I know she'll be fine, but I'll be a mess, I'm sure.

Anyway, since we have to get up at 6 am tomorrow, and li'l K normally sleeps until about 8:30, she went to bed at 7:00. Almost an hour later...

Kesiah: Mommy?
Me: (walking back to her room) Yes?
Kesiah: Is it time yet?
Me: Time for what?
Kesiah: School!


Just 10 minutes ago, K and I were doing some stretching/yoga. Of course, after a while she was making up her own stuff....

Kesiah: Dad, want to see another yoga move?
Dad: Sure!
Kesiah: Wait, I need to get a stroller.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is Gaye

I have Marvin Gaye stuck in my head and it reminded me of a few things. One thing is K's taste in music. This kid is awesome. Some of her favs include: Hum, Sliversun Pickups, Erykah Badu, and Marvin Gaye. Btw, she goes nuts when she hears Fugazi or Pailhead.

Anyway, here are some Marvin Gaye related K events:

While "Let's get it on" was playing...
Kesiah: What is this song about?
Mom: (snicker) Um...
Dad: It's about good friends.
Kesiah: Wow, they must BEST friends!

On a different occasion "Let's get it on" was playing...
Kesiah: I like this song and the "You're all I need" song.
Dad: "You're All I Need to Get By"?
Kesiah: YES!
We both start singing the intro.
Kesiah: I like the "Get By" song because it is nice. I like "Let's Get it On" because it has groove!
Dad: You know what groove is?
Kesiah: Yeah. Groove does this.
She started bopping her head.

Yet another dinner when she requested Marvin Gaye for ambiance...
Kesiah: Dad, when he sings "baby" will you sing "maybe". Yeah, do that. Please.
K is referring to the song "I'll Be Dog Gone" and transforming it to say:

"Then I wouldn't be dog gone. I'd be long gone... maybe"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Helping Hand

Doesn't this look like K is feeding me with a HUGE hand.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stay Tuned

As you already know, this blog has been recently resurrected. We have a huge back log of K related funnies but more importantly, we have pictures and videos to share. Please be patient and stay tuned.

Butt it's the Morning

I have been imploring Evin to blog this one and even consulted our good friends Paddy and Macy who completely agree on its blogability but Evin has yet to do it so here is a second hand but "accurate as can be" post.

One morning while Kesiah was finishing her breakfast served by Chef Mom, Evin took the opportunity to get dressed for the day. A few moments later K entered our room and...

Kesiah: Mom, guess what I have in my butt.
Mom: What is it dear?
Kesiah: I have a piece of cereal. See?
K turns and proudly brandishes her nekkid behind.
Mom: I don't see anything.
Kesiah: You have to open it up.


Our little girl is growing up. Her gregariousness and self confidence undoubtedly reminds us that the apple does not fall far from either tree. Tonight was orientation for Pre-K at College Heights. After the principal delivered boring answers to all the grown-ups' boring questions Kesiah raises her hand..

Principal: (with a BIG smile) Do you have a question?
Kesiah: Do you stay at College Heights or do you leave College Heights?

Apparently K wanted to know if she lived at the school. The principal affirmed that she, in fact, has a home and her own children to tend to. After a few more speakers, it was the nutritionist's turn. Evin had a food question (I know, can you believe it???) and raised her hand...

Kesiah: Do you have a question?
Mom: I do.
Kesiah: I want to help.
Mom: Okay
K then held Evin's arm aiding her in keeping it raised. We both thought this was cute and the extent of Kesiah's desire to help. Little did we know. As soon as the nutritionist answered the first question...
Kesiah: (screaming loud enough to echo in the silent auditorium) MY MOM HAS A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oakhurstville Horror

I should save this for a "Halloween Edition" but something happened tonight that gave me the willies! This may very well be Kesiah's imagination at work but nevertheless it does not fail in giving me a spine traveling shivering tingle when it happened.

When we first moved in to our new home...

Dad: Kesiah, go take off your shoes and put it in your closet. It's time to get ready for bed.
After a few minutes...
Kesiah: I don't want to.
Dad: Why baby?
Kesiah: (visibly disturbed) There's a scary man in my room.
Dad: Where? Show me baby.
She takes me by the hand and guides me to her closet. She nervously points directly to it.
Dad: Where?
Kesiah: He's standing right there.
Dad: What is he doing?
Kesiah then hunches over and positions her hand as if she was holding a cane.

Then TONIGHT during bedtime stories...

Kesiah was nervously distracted.
Dad: What is it baby?
Kesiah: Who's that girl?
Dad: What? What do you mean?
Kesiah: The girl at the door.
Kesiah points to the empty place at the threshold.
Dad: Maybe she wants to hear the story.
Kesiah: She didn't leave. Dad, you're Quack remember.

Earlier, we were pretending that I was Quack and she was Chirp from the PBS show "Peep". My guess is that she wanted to things to be fun again.

These two instances are not the only times she has claimed to see a little girl or an old man in our home. C'mon now, isn't that freaky fun???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fan Club

This post is not about what Kesiah said but some of my favorite things I've heard you say about her.

Jill Hopkins (After seeing pictures of Kesiah and I shaving):
"My uterus just exploded!"

Adam Haer (After seeing Kesiah doing her "pull my finger get raspberry" trick):
"You have just weaponized cute."

Jared Silver (After reading this blog):
"Your kid makes me feel like I just ate a bag of Halloween candy!"

Meanwhile, Back in K's Room...

During the same good night session mentioned in "Princess and the Pea"...

Dad: How was story time?
Kesiah: We read Pete the Cat!
Dad: I love that book!
Kesiah: Yeah and we were almost done and it was almost time for milk and cookies then...
Kesiah: DING!!!! Two more stories!
Kesiah: Hmmmm....

I had to mention this. The inflection in her voice and her hand gestures displayed her skill in crafting a narrative. The "Hmmmm..." at the end was pasted on her face with a quiet smile in joyous reflection. After returning from being lost in a replay of a completely satisfying day, she turned to me in a genuine state of satiated relaxation and said...

Kesiah: I think we should cuddle for awhile.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Princess and the Pea

Upon coming home from a long study session with Jared, Kesiah requested that I come in to her room to say good night. How can I say no.

Kesiah: Good night Daddy.
Dad: Good night little one.
Kesiah: Let's talk for a little bit.
Dad: Sure, what do you want to talk about?
Kesiah: Let's talk about peas with arms.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love is...

After a weekend long sleep over with Nana, I've been craving some K time. As luck would have it, highly technical and important thing-a-ma-bobs broke at work and I had to remote in to monitor these really technical thing-a-ma-doos leaving Evin to teach Monday night classes with F.G. (More to come with F.G., keep checking).

Well, this means one on one K time and more opportunity for her magic to materialize from the ether. Of course, not seeing Kesiah over the weekend meant she was pummeled with "I love you's", hugs, and kisses. I guess love must have been on her mind. Tonight during our Father/Daughter dinner...

Kesiah: Love is invisible.
Dad: Oh yeah, why do you say that?
Kesiah: (giving me the "duh" look) Because I can't see it.
Dad: Ha! But you can feel how much I love you, right?
Kesiah: ???
Dad: You know how much I love you. You must be able to feel my love.
Kesiah then waves her hand and pretends to snatch something from the air.
Kesiah: It feels fuzzy.
Kesiah: Your love is fuzzy. Mommy's is soft.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Modern Kid

I'm just floored by how modern tech is shaping Kesiah's world view. As much as "clicker" and "beeper" are a part of my generational experience, the prominence of personal computing has sculpted this four year old's outlook.

During breakfast one day...

Kesiah: How many kinds of butterflies are there?
Dad: (still lacking morning coffee) I don't know baby.
Kesiah: Look online.

While working from home...

Kesiah: Daddy?
Dad: Yes dear.
Kesiah: Will you logoff and play with me.

Father's Day

While waiting for the family to arrive at our place for Father's Day brunch, Kesiah and I were hanging in her playroom just goofin' off. When she heard the family arriving, she jumped to action and bolted for the door.

Kesiah: (running for the door) YAY!!!!
She then stops looks at me and with sweet loving eyes. She reaches towards me with her cute little hand...
Kesiah: C'mon daddy. Let's go celebrate Father's Day! I love Father's Day!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes, the blog has been inactive for quite sometime despite the requests to resurrect it. For that I apologize again but hey... I'm too busy enjoying life with Kesiah. Well, this blog is back and it is to no small part to Kesiah's very own mom and source for most of her goofiness.

Welcome Evin and I look forward to reading more of the K-driven events you deem bloggable.

A Wrigley Heart

The family made an appearance at Ben Lovelace's bachelor party. Yes, it was a very progressive and forward thinking party to allow the presence women and children... bachelors, take note. Anyway, my good old sister-in-law had to stir up trouble in a room full of Bulldog fans...

Bela: Kesiah, when I say Yellow you say Jackets. Yellow!
Kesiah: Jackets!
Bela: Yellow!
Stacy (Georgia Fan): Bulldogs!
Crowd: Oooooo!
Bela: Kesiah, what's your favorite team?

Kesiah detecting the lines being drawn selected a very politically safe answer.

Kesiah: The Cubbies!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Little Taoist

Before hopping over to the last dance of ATLX7, the family enjoyed a little Fika at Java Monkey. Kesiah was amazed at the open mic poets (seriously, they were not bad at all). Inspired by the eclectic expounding from local artists, Kesiah tried her own word painting...

Kesiah: Oh starry night oh beautiful sky.
Kesiah: Wherever I go I am never sad.
Kesiah: Because all the places I see, I love.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Food Styling

The other day Kesiah was sitting at the table drawing. She abruptly got up and started a new activity like 3 year olds do (yes, this was a while ago). I took a look to see what she drew and gazed upon a yellow scribble on a piece of paper. Again Kesiah hilarious mind strikes again...

Dad: Hey K, what did you draw?
Kesiah: Um, oh that. That's mustard.
She started to walk away and continued telling me...
Kesiah: I forgot to draw the sandwich.

Inappropriate Breakfast Conversations.

The other morning, during breakfast, K and I were rhyming words, as we often do. Wordplay is a favorite game of hers. So we were rhyming "oot" sounds. Out of nowhere, K says

"Speaking of poop, let's make a butt! Like a pretend butt!"