Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Domo Arigato

Not too long ago I posted pics of Evin's notes to K demonstrating where K may get her sweet side:


Let's not forget that this kid loves robots, wants homemade spaceships for her Barbie dolls, wants to build a spaceship to go to Mars, and has already requested a robot/space/princess themed birthday party.

Here's an example of one of my notes.

Uncanny, Isn't it?

I am used to people remarking on how K and I look alike. Personally, I think she is a perfect blend of Evin and I but apparently we are all wrong. Behold (Evin's picture is in B&W):

Rocking the Manischewitz

This past Saturday morning, the Family G went to a neighborhood kid oriented and adult friendly Shabbat service. During the service, the host led the kids in a song and stopped at each kid asking them what they like about Shabbat.

Host: (in song) What do you like?
Host: (in song) What do you like?
Host: (in song) What do you like about Shabbat?
Host: And what's your name?
Kesiah: Kesiah!
Host: What do you like about Shabbat?
Kesiah: When we get to drink the wine!
Host: (in song) Kesiah likes...
Host: (in song) Kesiah likes...
Host: (in song) Kesiah likes to drink the Wine!

Awkward Turtle

The other day K and I were having dinner and quietly for once. Without any prompting, K decides to break the silence:

Kesiah: Vagina!
Dad: What?!
Kesiah: That's my favorite word.
Dad: (chuckling) Why?
Kesiah: I like the way it sounds.
Kesiah: Va
Kesiah: Gi
Kesiah: Na
Kesiah: Vagina!