Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kesiah and the Hula Hoop

Need I say more?

The Hebrew Hammer

During Kesiah's first week of official pre-school, she has been coming home and describing the actions of this one boy that sounded very much like bullying. Pushing, yelling, taking toys, etc. My first reaction was complete rage. I wanted to tell her to just hit the kid back but I reminded myself of a past not-so-proud parenting moment that I will eventually blog about later.

Anyway, level-headed Evin took the more diplomatic approach that would instill confidence, as well as, mitigate the bullying action. Evin's approach empowered Kesiah with several options and, most importantly, the language to deal with the situation. Needless to say, my heart was breaking at the idea that my sweet little girl had to deal with such a stressful situation instead of being free to explore and learn.

One morning while I was apparently stressing about this, K paid me a visit before she left for school...

While I was shaving there was a knock on the door:

Kesiah: (knocking on the bathroom door) Daddy?
Dad: Come in sweetie.
Kesiah: We're leaving!
Dad: I love you baby. You know what to do when name-omitted pushes you, right?
Kesiah: Daddy, I'm brave and strong and I stand up for myself.

Now that warmed my heart but did little to calm the anger and worry. C'mon, this is MY little girl! When I came home from work I asked her about the bully...

Dad: Anything happen on the playground today with name-omitted?
Kesiah: I told him NEVER do that again!
Dad: Great! That's very brave of you. What did he do?
Kesiah: He pushed me.
Dad: Today? He pushed you on the playground today?
Kesiah: No, the other day.
Dad: I mean what did he do today?
Kesiah: Nothing. I just said that and he left me alone.
Dad: You said that TODAY but he didn't do anything?
Kesiah: Yes and now he leaved me alone.

Now that's my proactive girl!

I know only one way to deal with bullies.... you punch them HARD then tell the teacher. After speaking with many of you, I know most agree with me. However, after speaking with her teacher, I learned that this kid just turned 4 and has an issue with manners (ie. sharing, taking turns, standing in line etc.) This kid nudges others to cut in line, grabs toys without asking, and likes to yell. That's not a bully. That's just a 4 year old that needs to learn how to play well with others. If we followed my strategy, then K would have escalated unnecessarily and would have appeared a bully herself. I am HAPPY to say I AM WRONG! Thank you Evin!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I just ran across some old notes on stuff I wanted to blog. These are some lyrics K used to sing when she was younger than 3...

Take Me Out to the Ball Game:
One, Two, Three, wrists you're out
At the old ball BRACE!

Do Re Mi:
Do, a deer, a female deer
Re, a glop of golden sun

Singin' in the Rain:
I'm singin' in the bath
just singin' in the bath

Now I know my ABC's
Next time wounch you
I know them FOREVER!

Yeah the "wounch" is my fault. When Evin sang "won't you", Kesiah corrected her.

Lemonade! Lemonade For Sale!

Earlier this summer, K really wanted to have a lemonade stand. So on a super hot day, we loaded up the wagon and headed over the heart of Oakhurst Village. Evin made two kinds of lemonade: Classic and Fancy Pants Lavender (yes, we used real lemons). With a selection like that and being K's first business venture, only a high traffic area would do.
After we set up, K began yelling her pitch to all passers by. She made up the pitch herself...


After a few thirsty cyclist stopped by, I thought I could leverage K's popularity and drum up some buyers from the local businesses. While making my rounds letting people know about K's stand, I thought it would be a neat idea to stop by the fire station...

Dad: Hello, anyone here?
Firefighter: (wiping sleep from his eyes) Um, yeah?
Dad: I'm soooo sorry to bother you but my daughter loves you guys and has a lemonade stand across the street. She would love it if you could stop by.
Firefighter: We'll see what we could do.
Dad: Thanks! Please don't feel obligated. I'm sure you have more important stuff to do.

Man, I felt bad for waking him and I started thinking "Why did I bother the fire department!" Anyway, the stand was doing well and little K was selling her heart out. About 20 minutes after my FD visit, the garage doors opened and the engine started rolling out.

Kesiah: Daddy! Look!
Dad: Wow! They are probably going to fight a fire!

Well, the engine pulled out and parked right next to K's stand! Kesiah started yelling her pitch! Not only did they buy lemonade, they let her climb in to the truck! Needless to say, K loved it (ok, me too!).

Eso. Si. Que es?

S-o-c-k-s! What? Never mind, bad joke. Back to the post....

With a little creativity, self sacrifice, and knowing when opportunities present themselves, learning a new language can be fun!

K was sitting in the living room chair with her cute little feet dangling over the edge. I crouched down and slowly crept up to K. When I got close and peeked up to look at her, I notice her feet were right by my face. Instead of the usual joke of pretending to pass out from stinky feet (she thinks this is hilarious), I, for what ever reason I don't know, placed two of her toes in my nose.

Dad: Dos toes in my nose.
Kesiah: hee hee
Dad: What does dos mean?
Kesiah: two

See it worked!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

I can hardly wrap my mind around it, but Kesiah starts school tomorrow. This is crazy. Granted, it's only Pre-K, but this is a big step. Her first continuous experience of being away from home every day. I know she'll be fine, but I'll be a mess, I'm sure.

Anyway, since we have to get up at 6 am tomorrow, and li'l K normally sleeps until about 8:30, she went to bed at 7:00. Almost an hour later...

Kesiah: Mommy?
Me: (walking back to her room) Yes?
Kesiah: Is it time yet?
Me: Time for what?
Kesiah: School!


Just 10 minutes ago, K and I were doing some stretching/yoga. Of course, after a while she was making up her own stuff....

Kesiah: Dad, want to see another yoga move?
Dad: Sure!
Kesiah: Wait, I need to get a stroller.