Sunday, December 28, 2008

If the Shoe Fits

After spending nearly thirty minutes (perhaps over) trying to get Kesiah ready to go out and run an errand with Evin, Kesiah decided she wanted to stay home with me. That was short lived...

Mom: Alright Kesiah, I'm going. Kiss me good bye.
Kesiah: Wait, I'm going too.
Mom: Alright, hurry up and get your shoes on.
Kesiah ran off to her room to get her shoes screaming "YAY!" Kesiah returns and...
Kesiah: I'm ready.
Mom: Did you put your shoes on?
Kesiah: One is on my hand.
Kesiah: The other is in my armpit.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

... but my Heart Belongs to Daddy

Here's yet another car performance from Kesiah I find blog-worthy. Now, it's not that much of a gem but it is just darn cute. Not even three years old and she knows how to win me over. Just let me explain.

This girl is well versed at musicals. Since she is constantly asking us to sing we oblige her with songs from the musicals of our childhood. For Evin, it's "Fiddler on the Roof". For me, it's "The Sound of Music." I know it is not as cool as "Singing in the Rain" or "Dr Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog" but Julie Andrews is HOT! (That one is for you, grandpa).

On our way over to Shabbat/Birthday/Hannukah dinner at my in-laws, Kesiah asked us to sing "Matchmaker" with her...

All: For Papa make him a scholar. For Mama make him rich as a king.
All: For me, well I wouldn't holler if he were as handsome as anything...
Kesiah (with much excitement): Just like Noah!
Kesiah: Noah is handsome!

Gee, she just earned her first car.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday Karma

So, four months before the sweetness of my life turns three, or in her words "flee", the idea of kissing her daddy is the equivalent of sitting through a lecture expounding upon how AstroTurf can be engineered to be close to the real thing. This denial of affection is coming from a little person who aggressively hugs and kisses items she had just encountered while saying "I love it SOOOOO MUCH!" These items include, but is not limited to, stuffed toys, balloons, books, leaves, sticks, and the occasional piece of junk mail. Evin just reminded me to include the seat for the potty.

Perhaps I may be taking water conservation too seriously and should shower more. Anyway, I did not imagine this would happen so soon. Considering my upcoming birthday, I figured I could use this as a bargaining chip. My requests for birthday kisses and/or hugs were consistently met with "No daddy, you get cake."

Well it's my birthday and I really want what the random object seems to get easily. Seeing a lesson in persistence, I continued to exploit any opportunity for some affection until finally....

Mom: Kiss daddy good-bye.
Kesiah: No
Dad: How about a hug good-bye?
Kesiah: I don't want that.
Dad: Just wave good-bye then.
Kesiah: I don't want that either.
Dad: C'mon Kesiah, I just want a little hug.
Kesiah: ok
As I approach for my hug, she stops me by putting up her cute little finger.
Kesiah: On your birthday.

Now any request for a hug or kiss is met with the finger shrug off and her saying "You get a hug on your birthday." I definitely need to stop laughing at behavior I do not want to reinforce.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Corporate Pig

Here's another little gem that happened while we were driving. Perhaps we should strap this kid to a seat more often, it seems this is when she shines the brightest. Anyway, we were on our way to Uncle Moshe's when she spotted a billboard and asked...

Kesiah: Mommy, what is that pig doing?
Mom: What pig honey?
Kesiah: The pig with the fancy sweater.

Kesiah then pointed to a Coke-Cola billboard of Santa guzzling a bottle of Coke.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm All Done

Witness Kesiah doing what she does best... being Kesiah. Evin was going to put subtitles, but it's a PAIN IN THE WAHOO. If you really want a transcript contact me.

Driving Miss K

Evin was driving the family on our way to have dinner with our friends/neighbors Paddy and Macy when this cracked me up....

Kesiah: Mommy, did you drive when you were little?
Mom: I learned to drive when I was a teenager.

Kesiah, after thinking to herself for a few seconds, put it all together and excitedly shared her revelation.

Kesiah: (softly) you were little and you got bigger...
Kesiah: and bigger...
Kesiah: and bigger...
Kesiah: and bigger...
Kesiah: (screaming) and now you are THE DRIVER!
Kesiah: I don't drive because I'm little.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Aid

At dinner tonight, Evin and I were finally having a conversation while Kesiah was quietly peeling her clementine.

Mom: Have you ever read any of the original Winnie the Pooh stories?
Dad: Just the ones you have.
Mom: I remember in one...
Kesiah: (mumbling) Look at me mommy.
We turn to find that
Kesiah has taken off her Winnie the Pooh sticker and stuck it over her mouth.
Kesiah: (still mumbling) It's my band aid. I hurt my lip.

Monday, November 24, 2008

All Hollow's Eve 2008

She was right in the middle of trick-or-treating and she wanted to lay down and look at the stars. Everyone around (like 10 families) was cracking up. That kid is the best.

Was I Born Yesterday?

Kesiah and I were playing when she covers her face with a card size piece of paper indicating that she is now playing the hiding game...

Dad: Where's Kesiah?
Kesiah: I'm in Chicago.
(realizing she gave away her location she dropped the card)
Kesiah: I was born in Chicago.
Dad: Oh yeah?
Kesiah: I was born in Chicago the other day!
Dad: Really?
Kesiah: I'm going now.
Kesiah: I'm going to jump over the moon.

Welcome to America (Reminiscing Part 2)

Sometimes Evin and I are funny too. I will spare you from the details leading up to the photo and just let you absorb it. This is what we call our immigrant photo.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This one's Blog-able

The 3 of us were driving home after dinner with my other equally wonderful in-laws when...

Kesiah: (adamantly) I want to look in the kitchen bowl!
Mom: Are we in the kitchen right now?
Kesiah: No, we're in the CAR!
(sits, ponders what she just said.)
Kesiah: There are no cabinets here. Just doors.
Dad (quietly to Mom): That's blog-able

Obsolete Children

I overheard this conversation a few days ago. Evin believes it happened differently but it's my blog and my memory, so I am posting it this way:

Kesiah walks in to the room with a little booklet.
Kesiah: Look mommy.
Mom: So, do you like that catalog?
Kesiah (with great excitement): It's a boring book! What is it?
Mom: It's a book of things to buy.
Kesiah: Oh... for boring kids?
Mom: For grown-ups.
Kesiah: Grown-ups are boring kids.

Photoshoot (Reminiscing Part 1)

When Kesiah was 1.5, she asked me to follow her around our Chicago apartment and take photos of her doing various things and standing next to random objects.

She set up this shot, looked through the viewfinder, and asked me to "click it". Enough said.

For the whole shoot, visit\photos\galangfamily and it is somewhere in there. Create a free account and I will friend you so that you can see the whole collection of cuteness.

Kesiah on Showers

Since starting this blog (I just realized it has been only ONE DAY) I have been plagued with questions every time Kesiah does anything cute or funny... "Is this blog worthy?" or "Should I write this down so I don't forget it?" or "Should I tweak this to make it more funny?"

Notice I never ask myself, "Will this embarrass her when she gets older???" ;)

The real question is, "Does this ruin moments with Kesiah?" Nope, but it is a nagging thought. Anyway, being new to blogging and worried about its blog-ability, I test drove this little tidbit on some of you and it only had a lukewarm reception. Oh well, here it is. This is pure Kesiah, pure amazement, pure joy, and never tweaked:

I just came out of the shower
Kesiah: Did you take a bath?
Dad: I took a shower, sweetheart.
Kesiah: I don't like showers.
Dad: Really? Do you know the difference between a shower and a bath?
Mom(in the background): About 20 gallons.
Kesiah: Yes and I don't like showers.
Dad: Well, maybe you'll like showers when you're older.
Kesiah: When I'm older and I'm a mommy and I carry a baby and I pee pee... I will def-fin-nit-ly take a shower.

Yes, she said definitely. She said it very slowly but she definitely said it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shaving with Kesiah

Being a mix of various Asianalities, I rarely have to shave but I do on occasion (if only to get those weird wiry hairs off my neck). Seeing that I do not shave often, Kesiah is very curious at this oddity. After explaining that I have to shave those little black dots off my face, she wanted to shave as well. Nothing funny was said but her cuteness is totally blog-able!

The pics were taken 10/14/2008.

Kesiah on Football

About a week before the "Ask me if I'm a truck" incident, my wonderful in-laws were giving Evin and me a break and had Kesiah over for dinner. Grandpa being a Georgia Tech fan had the game on in the background. Of course hilarity ensued and here it is:

Grandpa: Kesiah, do you like football?
Kesiah: Yes and Noah likes football too.
Grandpa: Who do you think is going to win?
Kesiah: Obama.

Am I a Truck Saga Continues

11/11/2008 Kesiah at 2.5 yo

So during dinner I asked Kesiah to ask me if I was a truck (as I have annoyed many of my friends with this type of never ending questioning). Here's her response:

Dad: Kesiah, ask me if I'm a truck.
Kesiah: Are you a truck?
Dad: Nope
Kesiah: Are you sure?

She did not skip a beat, bat an eye, or even wait for my answer. She just returned to eating her dinner.