Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bit of Trivia

The last 3 posts "Punk Drunk Love", "Namaste Part 2", and "The True Channukah Miracle: Mind Reading" all happened on the same day within the span of 2 hours.

Life is so good with this girl.

The True Channukah Miracle: Mind Reading

Channukah is over but it did not pass without some K cuteness. During one of the nights of Channukah at my in-laws, K witnessed Moshe and Leandro open up their gifts and exclaim "Hey, it's just what I wanted!!! How did you know???"

Unfortunately, I can not capture the sarcasm or humor behind what they were saying. We all previously exchanged wish lists so the sarcasm behind "How did you know?" was well founded. Our observant little K did catch the laughter following their appreciative exclamations and if you haven't figure it by now, K is not one to be upstaged.

Abuela: Your turn Kesiah. This one is from Grampa and Abuela.
Kesiah carefully opens her gift and reveals a brand new baby doll.
Kesiah: (gasping with joy) I didn't even know I wanted one! How did you know?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Namaste Part 2

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may notice that K does and says some funny things when she is in a car. This entry is no exception...

Kesiah: Everyone do this yoga pose!
She starts in namaste pose, keeping her hands together she raises them above her head, and then spreads them apart and wide then rests them to her sides. She screams...
Kesiah: Interrupt! That's the volcano pose!

Well, obviously she meant erupt and we have mentioned this to her but she prefers to say interrupt. Side note, she also likes to say "pacified" versus "classified" when she is pretending she is EVE from WALL-E. It's just her way. So there, on with the post...

Dad: I know a pose.
Kesiah: Show me daddy!
Dad: It's called the peeping turtle pose.
I shrug my shoulders and lower my head then relax shoulders and extend my head.
Kesiah: That's not a peeing turtle.
Dad and Mom: (laughing) No. It's peeping.
Mom: Like peek-a-boo.
Kesiah: I know a pose. It's called peeing turtle volcano.
She then executes the volcano pose with shoulder shrugs.
Mom: (quietly to me) Next time call it the peek-a-boo turtle.

I can see the turtle part of her new pose but where was the peeing part? I wanted to ask but I thought it best to quit while I wasn't too far behind.

Punk Drunk Love

The other day K and I were sitting in the car, while Evin ran in a store to get some things. I will usually entertain K by pretending to be really sad that Evin is gone and K gladly comforts me. Usually it goes something like this...

Dad: Oh no. Mommy is gone. Will she ever comeback? (big frown)
Kesiah: It's okay daddy.
Dad: I miss her so much I think I'm going to cry. (begin the sup sups)
Kesiah: Don't cry daddy. I'm here!
Dad: Ah, much better.

K LOVES this game but on this particular day, K was in a mood and just wanted to sit there...

Kesiah: Daddy, can you play some music?
Dad: Sure baby. (radio on and manual scan started)
I got to Album 88 and Youth Brigade's "Sink with California" was already playing.
Kesiah: Thumbs up!
Dad: (singing along) Sink with California when it falls in to the sea!
Dad: Ya know, I listened to this stuff when I was a kid. It's called punk rock.
Kesiah: I love Punch rock!
Youth Brigade was followed by 7 Seconds' "Walk Together Rock Together".
Kesiah: Thumbs up!
Kesiah: Can you make it louder?

I guess I have to add 7 Seconds to her list of favs. My kid is cool!

If you are unfamiliar and curious about what she thumbed up, here it is:

Sink with California:

Walk Together Rock Together:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sashimi Grade Pumpkin

Today K brought home some artwork from school. Apparently they were reading "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater". So the kids made construction paper pumpkins. Now these are special pumpkin eater pumpkins that are equipped with a manually operated flap that reveals what they love soooo much that they store it in the pumpkin for safe keeping. Please note that it is just a symbolic representation.