Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Horse

Please keep in mind that Kesiah has not seen "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog"...

Kesiah: How does Bad Horse hold a pencil?
Dad: He probably typed it on a big typewriter.
Kesiah: But he signed it. How does he draw his name?

For the uninitiated, click on this: http://www.drhorrible.com/

After hearing the songs on an NPR interview with Joss Whedon, Kesiah has repeatedly asked me to sing "Freeze Ray" and "Bad Horse (Letter)".

Monday, April 27, 2009

In Frankie's Memory... Thank You Mr. Manning!

Today, Frankie Manning passed away. His influence has directly touched Evin's and my life forever. Thanks to Tia Bela, he has touched Kesiah's life as well. Tia Bela bought "Happy Feet" for Kesiah. This is a cute children's book about the Savoy Ballroom, in which Frankie "Muscle Head" Manning is mentioned.

Mom: Noah, Frankie is in the hospital.
Dad: Oh no...
Kesiah: Is he sick?
Mom: Well, Frankie is very old just like Sammy.
Kesiah: Who is Frankie?
Mom: That's Muscle Head.
Kesiah: Like the book?
Mom: Yes. Did you know that mommy danced with Frankie once?
Kesiah's jaw hit the floor with thud. She was speechless but pleasantly surprised.
Dad: He yelled at me once.
Kesiah: Why?
Dad: I'll tell you about it when you're older.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Dog

Last night during dinner, Evin and I were talking about our old but still kicking dog. Kesiah, of course, wanted to be a part of the conversation...

Kesiah: Is Sammy a bad dog?
Mom: He's a good dog.
Kesiah: But he poops on the floor.
Dad: He's just old and sometimes poops on the floor.
Mom: Yes, he doesn't mean to do it. It just happens. He forgets sometimes.
Dad: He is still a good dog.
Kesiah: At least he says "Excuse me, I going to POOP on the FLOOR!"

Kesiah yelled the last part with much enthusiasm and with the most awesome-est facial expressions and hand gestures. We were having dinner on our screened in porch as couples were walking to the church at the end of our block to attend the "Gay Men's Choir". I can only imagine what they were thinking if the heard this and our roar of laughter after.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rothko Eggs

I believe it was Mark Rothko who noted the similarities between the art of the Modern artist and the art of children. After seeing the results of Kesiah's first time painting eggs, I do believe Rothko was a man of understanding.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Color Blind

This morning Kesiah woke me up with a kiss and a smile. Then she explained to Evin...

Kesiah: I love daddy because he's brown.
Kesiah: Brown is the same color as poop.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dessert Time

Just the other day, the family was having an ice cream treat with Paddy and Macy+1. Kesiah had a small cup of chocolate with sprinkles, Evin had a scoop of chocolate on a cone, and I had a malt with extra-extra-extra malt. Yes, I ordered like that and they happily complied.

Anyway, after enjoying our individual desserts for a bit, it is inevitable that Kesiah will exercise her sharing skills.

Kesiah: Daddy, may I try your Ma... ma... ma...
Dad: Would you like to try my malt?
Kesiah: Yes
After a deep and thoroughly enjoyed sip...
Kesiah: (loudly) OOOOUUUUUUU!
Mom: Would you like to try my cone.
Kesiah never had a cone and gladly took Evin's offer.
Kesiah: Next time I'm going to have a cone!
Kesiah: And you're going to have a cone!
Kesiah: And Paddy and Macy are going to have cones!
Kesiah: (Pointing to everyone in the room) And he's going to have a cone and she's going to have a cone and he's going to have a cone and he's going to have a cone...
In a final loud crescendo...
Dad: But I really like malts.
Kesiah: Even after I had a cone?!?!

I guess she likes cones.

Alligator Face

Here's a quick one: Lo! (no need to behold) This is the K girl's Alligator Face.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ryan's Visit

Our very good friend Ryan was in town for business. That's a fancy way of saying he was in town checking to see if people are building stuff. Anyway, Evin just taught Kesiah the art of the "Knock Knock" joke. Surprisingly, Kesiah remembered Ryan and not surprisingly wanted to tell Ryan a "Knock Knock" joke.

Kesiah: knock knock
Ryan: Who's there?
Kesiah: Ryan
Ryan: Ryan who?
Kesiah: I'm glad I didn't say banana.

I'm All Done... Now with Subtitles!

Check it out:

Cafe Adventures #1 - Stage Debut

A while back, the family took a nice walk to our local cafe, Kavarna, for a little treat. Kesiah has charmed and renamed two of the employees there and therefore we are required to visit from time to time at her request. After saying hi to the "mustache guy" and the "cooker\maker\sweeper", Kesiah wanted to dance to the live musical act.

Unbeknownest to the performer, she was singing in the spot where Kesiah wanted to dance. Boldly approaching the stage, Kesiah started entertaining the room with her version of Lindy Hop (or Crunk... I can't tell). After the aw's and ah's were done, the performer decided to do an improvised song and asked Kesiah to give her the subject. Well, here's the rest...

Performer: So what would you like me to sing about?
Kesiah (looking at mommy): What she say mommy?
Performer: What's your favorite toy? Do you have a favorite toy?
Kesiah: Books.
Performer: What your favorite part about books?
Kesiah: The end.


I am very sorry for the lack of updates. In my defense, I have been trying to avoid bombarding you with little cutsie things that Kesiah does and turn this blog in to "Kesiah says the Darnedest Things". My definition of "bloggable" has become so strict that nothing seemed worthy and (even more sad) I have missed some precious moments that could have been saved and shared.

So to make it up to you, me, and Kesiah, I have sat down, remembered, and noted everything I could. If this turns in to the "Kesiah says the Darnedest Things" blog so be it. Her smile alone is an embrace of pure joy and I if this blog makes you smile, then the work is worth it.