Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is Gaye

I have Marvin Gaye stuck in my head and it reminded me of a few things. One thing is K's taste in music. This kid is awesome. Some of her favs include: Hum, Sliversun Pickups, Erykah Badu, and Marvin Gaye. Btw, she goes nuts when she hears Fugazi or Pailhead.

Anyway, here are some Marvin Gaye related K events:

While "Let's get it on" was playing...
Kesiah: What is this song about?
Mom: (snicker) Um...
Dad: It's about good friends.
Kesiah: Wow, they must BEST friends!

On a different occasion "Let's get it on" was playing...
Kesiah: I like this song and the "You're all I need" song.
Dad: "You're All I Need to Get By"?
Kesiah: YES!
We both start singing the intro.
Kesiah: I like the "Get By" song because it is nice. I like "Let's Get it On" because it has groove!
Dad: You know what groove is?
Kesiah: Yeah. Groove does this.
She started bopping her head.

Yet another dinner when she requested Marvin Gaye for ambiance...
Kesiah: Dad, when he sings "baby" will you sing "maybe". Yeah, do that. Please.
K is referring to the song "I'll Be Dog Gone" and transforming it to say:

"Then I wouldn't be dog gone. I'd be long gone... maybe"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Helping Hand

Doesn't this look like K is feeding me with a HUGE hand.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stay Tuned

As you already know, this blog has been recently resurrected. We have a huge back log of K related funnies but more importantly, we have pictures and videos to share. Please be patient and stay tuned.

Butt it's the Morning

I have been imploring Evin to blog this one and even consulted our good friends Paddy and Macy who completely agree on its blogability but Evin has yet to do it so here is a second hand but "accurate as can be" post.

One morning while Kesiah was finishing her breakfast served by Chef Mom, Evin took the opportunity to get dressed for the day. A few moments later K entered our room and...

Kesiah: Mom, guess what I have in my butt.
Mom: What is it dear?
Kesiah: I have a piece of cereal. See?
K turns and proudly brandishes her nekkid behind.
Mom: I don't see anything.
Kesiah: You have to open it up.


Our little girl is growing up. Her gregariousness and self confidence undoubtedly reminds us that the apple does not fall far from either tree. Tonight was orientation for Pre-K at College Heights. After the principal delivered boring answers to all the grown-ups' boring questions Kesiah raises her hand..

Principal: (with a BIG smile) Do you have a question?
Kesiah: Do you stay at College Heights or do you leave College Heights?

Apparently K wanted to know if she lived at the school. The principal affirmed that she, in fact, has a home and her own children to tend to. After a few more speakers, it was the nutritionist's turn. Evin had a food question (I know, can you believe it???) and raised her hand...

Kesiah: Do you have a question?
Mom: I do.
Kesiah: I want to help.
Mom: Okay
K then held Evin's arm aiding her in keeping it raised. We both thought this was cute and the extent of Kesiah's desire to help. Little did we know. As soon as the nutritionist answered the first question...
Kesiah: (screaming loud enough to echo in the silent auditorium) MY MOM HAS A QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oakhurstville Horror

I should save this for a "Halloween Edition" but something happened tonight that gave me the willies! This may very well be Kesiah's imagination at work but nevertheless it does not fail in giving me a spine traveling shivering tingle when it happened.

When we first moved in to our new home...

Dad: Kesiah, go take off your shoes and put it in your closet. It's time to get ready for bed.
After a few minutes...
Kesiah: I don't want to.
Dad: Why baby?
Kesiah: (visibly disturbed) There's a scary man in my room.
Dad: Where? Show me baby.
She takes me by the hand and guides me to her closet. She nervously points directly to it.
Dad: Where?
Kesiah: He's standing right there.
Dad: What is he doing?
Kesiah then hunches over and positions her hand as if she was holding a cane.

Then TONIGHT during bedtime stories...

Kesiah was nervously distracted.
Dad: What is it baby?
Kesiah: Who's that girl?
Dad: What? What do you mean?
Kesiah: The girl at the door.
Kesiah points to the empty place at the threshold.
Dad: Maybe she wants to hear the story.
Kesiah: She didn't leave. Dad, you're Quack remember.

Earlier, we were pretending that I was Quack and she was Chirp from the PBS show "Peep". My guess is that she wanted to things to be fun again.

These two instances are not the only times she has claimed to see a little girl or an old man in our home. C'mon now, isn't that freaky fun???

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fan Club

This post is not about what Kesiah said but some of my favorite things I've heard you say about her.

Jill Hopkins (After seeing pictures of Kesiah and I shaving):
"My uterus just exploded!"

Adam Haer (After seeing Kesiah doing her "pull my finger get raspberry" trick):
"You have just weaponized cute."

Jared Silver (After reading this blog):
"Your kid makes me feel like I just ate a bag of Halloween candy!"

Meanwhile, Back in K's Room...

During the same good night session mentioned in "Princess and the Pea"...

Dad: How was story time?
Kesiah: We read Pete the Cat!
Dad: I love that book!
Kesiah: Yeah and we were almost done and it was almost time for milk and cookies then...
Kesiah: DING!!!! Two more stories!
Kesiah: Hmmmm....

I had to mention this. The inflection in her voice and her hand gestures displayed her skill in crafting a narrative. The "Hmmmm..." at the end was pasted on her face with a quiet smile in joyous reflection. After returning from being lost in a replay of a completely satisfying day, she turned to me in a genuine state of satiated relaxation and said...

Kesiah: I think we should cuddle for awhile.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Princess and the Pea

Upon coming home from a long study session with Jared, Kesiah requested that I come in to her room to say good night. How can I say no.

Kesiah: Good night Daddy.
Dad: Good night little one.
Kesiah: Let's talk for a little bit.
Dad: Sure, what do you want to talk about?
Kesiah: Let's talk about peas with arms.