Monday, August 15, 2011


A major bookstore chain was going out of business and Family G splurged on the 50% or more off deals. We never buy those fancy pop-up books just because they are so darn expensive but since the sale prices were so good, K got her pick. For tonight's bed time story, K wanted to read her new fairy pop-up book. The first page was filled with gruesome pictures of beautiful maidens turning in to trolls and naughty toddlers morphing in to devilish imps. Well, this scared K a little bit. After our usual after story snuggle:

Kesiah: Daddy, I'm still a little scared.
Dad: Babe, you know fairies aren't real right?
Kesiah: (nervously) yeah
Dad: And you like fairies like Tinker Bell and Silver Mist.
Kesiah: yeah but I'm still scared.
Kesiah: Can, I sleep with my lightsaver (translation: lightsaber)?
Dad: Sure babe, let me get it.
Dad: (returning with her lightsaber) Here you go sweetie.
Kesiah: I might turn it on. Sometimes. Is that alright?
Dad: Of course sweetie.
Kesiah: You know, to chase away anything that may try to get me.

I couldn't help it. There was additional snuggling time. She seemed to be asleep so I left. For the next thirty minutes, three times I heard a familiar "SWOOSH". She activated her lightsaber but never called for me. Ten minutes after that, I took this picture:

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