Monday, July 11, 2011


As most of you already know, Family G has been busy taking Capoeira the last few months. This all started with a request from K to learn drums, dancing, martial arts, and acrobatics. I'm not surprised considering this kid requested to have a monster/princess/purple themed birthday party only to be followed by a robot/space/princess themed birthday party the next year.

Luckily for us, Capoeira is an elegant solution to her eclectic wish and does not require any quick thinking and jerry riggin' on our part. By the way, it also is a solution that is easy on the pocket book considering that K gets the bonus of learning a little Portuguese on the way. /Begin Shameless Plug. The teachers at Capoeira Maculele Decatur are the BEST with kids and their adults classes are challenging, fun, and encouraging. Check them out: /End Shameless Plug.

A really fun part of Capoeira is receiving an apelido or nickname. I won't go in to the history of an apelido here but do check it out: At first K was apprehensive about Capoeira and at times is still intimidated by some of the movement. We are PROUD that she stands up to this challenge but we still set up milestones to keep her inspired (i.e. After entering a Roda, she earned her uniform). Since receiving my apelido, K has been curious as to what hers would be. Seeing an opportunity to add more inspiration, I told her that if she keeps going to Capoeira she will eventually get one too. K enjoyed predicting what her nickname would be:

Kesiah: I think it will be PRINCESS!
Dad: I think it will be some sort of flower.
Kesiah: How about Special K? (Thanks Femi!)
Dad: Well, we don't choose it. It's given to us.
Kesiah: I hope I get princess!

Apelidos are based on your personality, a physical trait, or anything that uniquely identifies you. There was no doubt in my mind that when K gets hers, it would be something endearing and cute. I am seriously biased but if I have to pick one talent of K's, it would be her ease in putting a smile on your face. Speaking of, last week we had a visiting instructor from Brazil. He is an intimidating, tattooed, pierced, muscle bound hulk of a man. A few parents watching the class enquired "does he ever smile?" Well guess what, he did and only after he interacted with K. In case you are the intimidating, tattooed, pierced, muscle bound instructor reading this, you are VERY sweet and great with the kids! It is an honor to have you in ATL. Alright back to blogging...

Today, Evin reached her own milestone. She finished the beginner sessions and joined us in the regular class. Can I tell you how awesome it is to have my partner in crime, my heart and strength, my other reason for living taking Capoeira with me??? Well, it's awesome! Not only was E joining the regular classes, through a series of unfortunate events the head of our group, our master from Brazil or Mestre is stuck in ATL for a couple months. I feel for him and his family but what a boon for us. Evin explained to K that it is especially important to not interrupt us during class with Mestre Fran here. After a sushi bribe was made, K was ready to comply. Class went without incident from K, except for a brief case of the "meows". For some reason, K was watching class and became inspired to meow LOUDLY for a few seconds. It was a funny reprieve from a challenging and sweaty class. After class, Mestre Fran gathered us together for our end of class pep talk:

Mestre Fran: Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese (points to Evin and me).
Mestre Fran: Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese.
Mestre Fran: Portuguese Portuguese (points to Evin and me) Portuguese.
Mestre Fran: Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
Juba (my instructor): Portuguese Portuguese Married Portuguese
Mestre Fran: AH!!!! Portuguese Portuguese Capoeira family Portuguese
Juba: Portuguese Portuguese Kesiah (gestures describing someone short and points to Evin and me).
Mestre Fran: (inquisitive look)
Everyone: Portuguese "Meow! Meow!"
Mestre Fran: Ah! Gatinha!
Everyone: Nickname! Apelido!
Evin: Oh! Her apelido!
Mestre Fran: It means um... ah...
Everyone: pantomiming a sexy lady
Evin: (Shoots the hairy eyeball at Mestre Fran)
Mestre Fran (Hands in a defensive pose): No no no... it also means um... um...
Mestre Fran's daughter: Sweetheart
Mestre Fran: Yes, sweetheart.
Evin: Ok! (BIG SMILE)
JackieChan (Thinking to himself): What's going on?

After Evin explained to me that K received her apelido (all the Portuguese dumbfounded me) and what it was, she grabbed K and brought her to Mestre Fran to hear it from him. She was ECSTATIC! She went around the room telling everyone and I joined her by showing everyone my "glyph" tattoo to show how fitting it was.

Gatinha is definitely fitting for her now but when she becomes a teenage Capoeirsta the other meaning... well, let's just say that I'm glad she's learning how to kick people.

So in honor of K receiving her apelido, here's the video of K earning her uniform.


TAG said...

Gah. I need a stinkin' dentist after that man. Sheesh...

Noah Galang said...

On another note, gatinha also means "little cat".