Friday, May 27, 2011

By "Fairy" We Don't Mean Gay and Other Inappropriate Moments

Last weekend, we took K to the Georgia Renaissance Festival or as she calls it now "Fairy Land". She got all dolled up in her favorite fairy costume, her favorite fairy wings, even her socks had her favorite fairy on them, Silvermist. Evin even did her hair in incredibly fancy pants fairy (French) braids. On the way there, we listened to fairy music which E and I quickly defined as the album "Treasure" by Cocteau Twins.

Armed with her scepter and homemade fairy wand, we entered the Land of the Fae and quickly sought out royalty. After some time, fairy spotting and royalty searching can build an appetite. On our way to Ye Ol' Food Court, we discovered the Queen of the Fae holding court in the pavilion. Like we had a choice... we took seats in the pavilion. Fairy friends and visiting fairies were presented to the queen and receive fairy wishing stones. Those were FREE! Awesome! The pics here are of K's presentation.

Anyway, the woodland fairy served as entertainment for the queen and performed song and dance. The queen requested a jest and the woodland fairy obliged with many G rated jokes. After exhausting her repertoire, she asked those in attendance, "Does anyone have a joke for the queen?" K was the first raise her hand.

Woodland Fairy: Do you have a jest for her majesty?
Kesiah: What do you get when you cross a chicken and a brown cow?
Dad: Er.. um.. uh... um... (mouthing silently "we did not teach this to her")
Woodland Fairy: I do not know little fairy. What DO you get when you cross a chicken and a brown cow?
Kesiah: (in her best 1970's movie disco music) BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW
Dad: (hangs head in shame)
Mom: (shakes head in embarrassment)
Fairy Queen: Oh my!


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THAT'S RIGHT! You didn't teach it to her, I DID! I am so proud of Kesiah...bwahahaha!

I feel like I've left a legacy...