Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love is...

After a weekend long sleep over with Nana, I've been craving some K time. As luck would have it, highly technical and important thing-a-ma-bobs broke at work and I had to remote in to monitor these really technical thing-a-ma-doos leaving Evin to teach Monday night classes with F.G. (More to come with F.G., keep checking).

Well, this means one on one K time and more opportunity for her magic to materialize from the ether. Of course, not seeing Kesiah over the weekend meant she was pummeled with "I love you's", hugs, and kisses. I guess love must have been on her mind. Tonight during our Father/Daughter dinner...

Kesiah: Love is invisible.
Dad: Oh yeah, why do you say that?
Kesiah: (giving me the "duh" look) Because I can't see it.
Dad: Ha! But you can feel how much I love you, right?
Kesiah: ???
Dad: You know how much I love you. You must be able to feel my love.
Kesiah then waves her hand and pretends to snatch something from the air.
Kesiah: It feels fuzzy.
Kesiah: Your love is fuzzy. Mommy's is soft.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Modern Kid

I'm just floored by how modern tech is shaping Kesiah's world view. As much as "clicker" and "beeper" are a part of my generational experience, the prominence of personal computing has sculpted this four year old's outlook.

During breakfast one day...

Kesiah: How many kinds of butterflies are there?
Dad: (still lacking morning coffee) I don't know baby.
Kesiah: Look online.

While working from home...

Kesiah: Daddy?
Dad: Yes dear.
Kesiah: Will you logoff and play with me.

Father's Day

While waiting for the family to arrive at our place for Father's Day brunch, Kesiah and I were hanging in her playroom just goofin' off. When she heard the family arriving, she jumped to action and bolted for the door.

Kesiah: (running for the door) YAY!!!!
She then stops looks at me and with sweet loving eyes. She reaches towards me with her cute little hand...
Kesiah: C'mon daddy. Let's go celebrate Father's Day! I love Father's Day!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Yes, the blog has been inactive for quite sometime despite the requests to resurrect it. For that I apologize again but hey... I'm too busy enjoying life with Kesiah. Well, this blog is back and it is to no small part to Kesiah's very own mom and source for most of her goofiness.

Welcome Evin and I look forward to reading more of the K-driven events you deem bloggable.

A Wrigley Heart

The family made an appearance at Ben Lovelace's bachelor party. Yes, it was a very progressive and forward thinking party to allow the presence women and children... bachelors, take note. Anyway, my good old sister-in-law had to stir up trouble in a room full of Bulldog fans...

Bela: Kesiah, when I say Yellow you say Jackets. Yellow!
Kesiah: Jackets!
Bela: Yellow!
Stacy (Georgia Fan): Bulldogs!
Crowd: Oooooo!
Bela: Kesiah, what's your favorite team?

Kesiah detecting the lines being drawn selected a very politically safe answer.

Kesiah: The Cubbies!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Little Taoist

Before hopping over to the last dance of ATLX7, the family enjoyed a little Fika at Java Monkey. Kesiah was amazed at the open mic poets (seriously, they were not bad at all). Inspired by the eclectic expounding from local artists, Kesiah tried her own word painting...

Kesiah: Oh starry night oh beautiful sky.
Kesiah: Wherever I go I am never sad.
Kesiah: Because all the places I see, I love.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Food Styling

The other day Kesiah was sitting at the table drawing. She abruptly got up and started a new activity like 3 year olds do (yes, this was a while ago). I took a look to see what she drew and gazed upon a yellow scribble on a piece of paper. Again Kesiah hilarious mind strikes again...

Dad: Hey K, what did you draw?
Kesiah: Um, oh that. That's mustard.
She started to walk away and continued telling me...
Kesiah: I forgot to draw the sandwich.

Inappropriate Breakfast Conversations.

The other morning, during breakfast, K and I were rhyming words, as we often do. Wordplay is a favorite game of hers. So we were rhyming "oot" sounds. Out of nowhere, K says

"Speaking of poop, let's make a butt! Like a pretend butt!"